Chronological Archives

Please excuse the ordering of this page - the most recent years are the most relevant, but then inside of each year the articles are sorted chronologically. The latest posts will therefore be at the bottom of the first section.


  1. Happy New Year! ... and Plex Problems (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  2. New (old) games! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  3. iMac memory issues (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  4. Stupid Macbook! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  5. Replace the R510? (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  6. Replace the R510! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  7. This fucking Macbook! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  8. Macbook fixed? (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  9. Macbook fixed! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  10. Glasses! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  11. VDSL Trouble (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  12. To Valheim! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  13. Taming the noise on the SuperMicro (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  14. Rack blanking panel (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  15. The search for a house begins! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  16. Gariwerd (Halls Gap VIC 3381, Australia)
  17. Gariwerd, Part Two (Halls Gap VIC 3381, Australia)
  18. Pinball Museum! (Nhill VIC 3418, Australia)


  1. Happy New Year (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  2. Arcade Monitor Adjustments (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  3. Happy New Year: Smoke Alarms again! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  4. Netlify, and git woes... (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  5. Adjusting the CRT on the Neogeo (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  6. IRC Certificate Verification (Charybdis) (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  7. Trying New Things... including Netlify (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  8. Ow! My... Everything (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  9. RIP Xbox? (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  10. Hello Sega! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  11. Hello Mac! Goodbye Mac? (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  12. Half Life: Alyx! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  13. Novel Coronavirus: Distance Learning for Duncan (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  14. Hello, Pixel! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  15. Duncan is ten! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  16. Hello, NTP server... (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  17. Xbox, resurrected! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  18. Server maintenance... (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  19. Docker, in the land of multihoming (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  20. Traefik: Let'sEncrypt Wildcards via Cloudflare (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  21. Hello Xserve! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  22. New Toy: Oscilloscope (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  23. 1-coin clear: Metal Slug (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  24. Duncan vs Lawn Mower (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  25. No more IRC server! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  26. Hello, 3080! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  27. Hello, PC Engine! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  28. New toy: Chromecast (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  29. Rediscovering old vulns: /KILLing randoms on MSN IRC. (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  30. Fixing the PC Engine's AV Booster (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  31. Swamp cooler! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  32. Hello, Dashcam! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  33. Merry Xmas! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)


  1. Happy New Year! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  2. Smoke Alarms... again! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  3. Don't run WP-CLI as root! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  4. IPv6! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  5. Budapest, again (Budapest, Hungary)
  6. Time Machine fixed... (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  7. To the Melbourne Zoo! (Parkville VIC, Australia)
  8. New Toy: Samsung Gear S3 Frontier (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  9. More Overclocking Fun (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  10. All moved in! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  11. Commodore: broken castor rod bushing! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  12. NBN Improvements (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  13. Desk upgrades for Sabriena and Duncan (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  14. Desk upgrades: complete? (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  15. Fortnite Event (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  16. Backups for Windows... sorted! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  17. New desk! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  18. Better LXD snapshot management (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  19. Google Cloud CDN - Attempt #1 (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  20. Pinnacle lookout, Halls Gap (Halls Gap VIC 3381, Australia)
  21. New Toy: 24RU Rack! (Tullamarine VIC 3043, Australia)
  22. A real wedding! (Dixons Creek, VIC, Australia)
  23. Hello Commodore SS! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  24. New Toy: Neo Geo! (Clifton Springs VIC, Australia)
  25. One month with the Commodore SS (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  26. Reorganizing the Office (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  27. Happy Halloween (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  28. ZFS: changing device IDs. (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  29. Hello Hugo! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  30. CSP header woes: generating hashes for scripts (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  31. Duncan Home From Camp (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  32. Hugo Minification (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  33. Frenzal Rhomb and the Zoo (Frankston, VIC, Australia)
  34. Port Forwarding Failure (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  35. Coin Slot on Neo Geo (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  36. Coin Slot on Neo Geo - Part 2 (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  37. Bye Bye Vt Commodore (Horsham, VIC, Australia)


  1. Smoke Alarm Battery... again! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  2. Gippsland, again (Bunyip, VIC, Australia)
  3. Casemod Nouveau (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  4. New Toy: Pressure Washer (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  5. Nintendo 64! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  6. Nukkit - Minecraft (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  7. The Penaltybox (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  8. Graduate! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  9. Website - moved... (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  10. Laptop - back in action! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  11. New Monitor Day! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  12. Gotta Go Fast! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  13. Open Source Scan Convertor (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  14. Mega Drive! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  15. More games... (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  16. Emergency Updates! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  17. Blowing away hard disks (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  18. Duncan is Eight! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  19. More VDSL pain... (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  20. N64 modded, Mega Drive RGB... (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  21. Mum's Birthday Dinner (Ballarat, VIC, Australia)
  22. My Nintendo 64 is back! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  23. New Router: FreeBSD! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  24. New Router: Alpine! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  25. The Lego Scavenger Hunt (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  26. New toy: Apple Macbook (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  27. ComputerCraft: Coding with Minecraft (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  28. Dodgy DisplayPort Cables (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  29. Finally: NAS Upgrades (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  30. Network fun! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  31. Super Smash Bros (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  32. ZFS debugging (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  33. Custom DNS entries on a UniFi USG (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  34. LetsEncrypt with Cloudflare DNS validation on FreeBSD (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  35. New Toy: Wii U! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  36. Website outage! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  37. VDSL fixed? (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  38. New (to us) Table (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  39. Amplifier for Sabriena (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  40. RIP Xbox 360? (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  41. Sick of LinkedIn Spam (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  42. Adelaide: Anniversary and Americana (Adelaide, SA, Australia)
  43. Duncan's New Whip #2 (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  44. Fucking Commodores! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  45. New Server Time... (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  46. The server has an HBA now... (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  47. Visiting Grandma (Bunyip, VIC, Australia)
  48. Lego Land! (Chadstone, VIC, Australia)
  49. New Server Finally Ready! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  50. Dead Hard Disk... (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  51. LXD to the rescue (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  52. Rodney's Engagement (Balwyn, VIC, Australia)
  53. Broken Google Maps (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  54. More blackout curtains (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  55. Smash Weekend! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)


  1. Found my PS3! (Montpelier, IN, 47359)
  2. Fucking AT&T (Montpelier, IN, 47359)
  3. Home again! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  4. Don't Starve Together: Servers (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  5. Second Christmas! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  6. Hard Disk Spelunking (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  7. XBox Modded: Part 2 (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  8. HTTPS (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  9. Front bushes trimmed (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  10. NTSC Games hooked up (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  11. Sabriena - Naturalised (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  12. Gippsland, again (Bunyip, VIC, Australia)
  13. SNES Power (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  14. More site fixes (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  15. Playing with the Dash cam (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  16. Indicator switch arrived - Fixed! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  17. Copying Steam games. (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  18. Sabriena's SNES Lives! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  19. Laptop Heat Issues (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  20. Shaina's PC Built (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  21. Commodore: Heater tap failure (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  22. PC Parts! and a 3DS! (Red Lion, VIC, Australia)
  23. New Desktop! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  24. Blog Bootstrapping (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  25. Data loss! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  26. Duncan's seven! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  27. Duncan's GPU is dying. (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  28. Duncan's mouse is here. (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  29. Using VirtualBox remotely (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  30. New TV! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  31. NBN works in progress! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  32. EPN, again! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  33. Asus ROG Giveaway (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  34. Playstation! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  35. House complaints (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  36. Bootleg SNES Games (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  37. Steam Link (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  38. Duncan and the Light Gun (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  39. No Wipers on the Commodore? (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  40. Slackware: Linux, the hard way (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  41. Linode: IPv6 Pools on FreeBSD (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  42. Crash in atheme-services! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  43. Fixing Dad's PC (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  44. Hello, Jemima! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  45. The Great Wifi Audit (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  46. More Overclock Tests (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  47. Hacktop Mk II (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  48. New Job! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  49. New router: pfSense (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  50. u-blox GPS (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  51. No NBN yet... (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  52. BASH Scripting (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  53. NBN? Not quite! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  54. Playstation 2! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  55. Budapest! (Budapest, Hungary)
  56. Go-karts! (Budapest, Hungary)
  57. Laser Tag! (Budapest, Hungary)
  58. Walking around Budapest (Budapest, Hungary)
  59. Telstra plus-packs - What's the point? (Doha, Qatar)
  60. SNES Mini (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  61. Leaky roof! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  62. NBN, finally (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  63. Monitoring a Netgear DM200 (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  64. The Great CloudFlare Experiment (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  65. Drive-in, again! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  66. Skate 3 (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  67. Cloudflare - Part 2 (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  68. Ethernet cabling done (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  69. Duncan's Desktop: Ordered (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  70. More NBN woes (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  71. NBN Repair (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  72. Upgrading the PS4 hard disk (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  73. Data loss, again! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  74. Searching for a Print Server (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  75. Casemod time! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  76. Last exam? (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  77. UTC BIOS time on Windows 10 (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  78. Hello Vultr (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  79. Super Storm? (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  80. Moar Gigabit! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  81. Powerline ethernet success? (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  82. Out to Mum and Dad's (Red Lion, VIC, Australia)
  83. Office is getting set up! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  84. Commodore: Ignition Barrel (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  85. Merry Christmas! (Red Lion, VIC, Australia)
  86. Yet Another Playstation 2 (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  87. New Toy: Nintendo Switch! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  88. NAS Storage Woes (Horsham, VIC, Australia)


  1. Happy New Year! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  2. Ugh, Moniker... again! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  3. GPG: Whoops! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  4. Infinity: The Force Awakens (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  5. BSA: Coil Ordered (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  6. Duncan vs Hotwheels (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  7. Yearly Maintenance: Smoke alarms and Laptop fans. (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  8. Dentist and Ballarat (Ballarat, VIC, Australia)
  9. Smeaton times two (Smeaton, VIC, Australia)
  10. BSA: New Ignition Coil (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  11. BSA: Beep beep! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  12. BSA: Movement (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  13. BSA: Speedometer (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  14. Up a mountain (Mt Stapylton, Laharum, VIC, Australia)
  15. Commodore Headliner: Is the nightmare over? (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  16. Rock Band! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  17. Khan Academy: God damn it. (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  18. Bomb Threat (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  19. Productive Weekend! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  20. More VM stuff (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  21. Farewell, Barnaby (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  22. Bombed in Calculus (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  23. Fishing! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  24. BSA: Electrics and Clutch lever (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  25. Reflections on winding up a business (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  26. BSA: Headlights have arrived (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  27. Lego Easter Egg Decorator (NXT) (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  28. Good Friday at Grandma's (Bunyip, VIC, Australia)
  29. Guitar Surgery and fixing Mum's TV (Red Lion, VIC, Australia)
  30. Trying out Laravel (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  31. Hike: Mackenzie Falls (Mackenzie Falls, Zumsteins, VIC, Australia)
  32. Debian Update (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  33. Fishing at Tullaroop (Red Lion, VIC, Australia)
  34. Microsoft licensing still sucks (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  35. A new lounge room (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  36. Signing my Git commits (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  37. Laptop Wifi Troubles (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  38. curl: *tableflip* (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  39. Signing my Git commits: Part 2 (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  40. Portland! (Portland, VIC, Australia)
  41. House: Maintenance Requests (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  42. Duncan Birthday: Bowling (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  43. I hate working on SSL stuff (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  44. Dental Hospital (Carlton, VIC, Australia)
  45. Bye Bye Skylanders, Hello Plants vs Zombies (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  46. Contaminated Sausages! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  47. Back to Portland, again! (Portland, VIC, Australia)
  48. House clean up (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  49. House Inspection (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  50. Wired Ethernet to the desktop (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  51. Duncan's Limited Steam Account (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  52. Taxes: Done already (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  53. Super Nintendo! (Red Lion, VIC, Australia)
  54. Damn Heisenbugs! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  55. PS4 Cleaning (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  56. Xbox 360 Controller woes (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  57. Toothless Kid! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  58. Back to the Wii, again (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  59. Speeding? (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  60. eBay Goods! New NIC for the TV machine! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  61. New screen for Duncan's tablet (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  62. AV Cables (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  63. This storage shed drives me nuts! (Red Lion, VIC, Australia)
  64. More C# (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  65. Passport renewal (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  66. Water heater (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  67. Chromium on Debian in VirtualBox woes (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  68. Trigonometry for Pilot Vehicle Signs (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  69. Immigration Physical - Redo (Toorak, VIC, Australia)
  70. Ethernet Over Power (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  71. Pong! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  72. More Gear! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  73. A desk for Duncan (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  74. Duncan's Passport(s) (St Kilda, VIC, Australia)
  75. Immigration Success! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  76. Hello, Hyper-V (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  77. X Boxes (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  78. Duncan's School: Parents forum (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  79. Talbot Swap Meet (Talbot, VIC, Australia)
  80. Internet Outage (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  81. Xbox: Modded (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  82. Windows Update Sucks (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  83. Nerd Shrine: Entertainment Centre (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  84. USA (Montpelier, IN, 47359)
  85. Storage Archeology (Montpelier, IN, 47359)
  86. Christmases! (Montpelier, IN, 47359)


  1. Welcome 2015 (Horsham VIC 3400, Australia)
  2. Hello, Tomtom! (Horsham VIC 3400, Australia)
  3. All Zoo'd Out (Parkville VIC, Australia)
  4. Scienceworks and Planetarium (Spotswood VIC, Australia)
  5. Tyres in the back yard? (Horsham VIC 3400, Australia)
  6. Helicopter Excitement (Horsham VIC 3400, Australia)
  7. Fence Damage (Horsham VIC 3400, Australia)
  8. Grumbling about desktop updates (Horsham VIC 3400, Australia)
  9. Ugh, Moniker support (Horsham VIC 3400, Australia)
  10. Replaced smoke alarm batteries (Horsham VIC 3400, Australia)
  11. Back in Gippsland for the day (Bayles VIC, Australia)
  12. Inspecting pull requests from Github (Horsham VIC 3400, Australia)
  13. "Skoolbag" app unusable (Horsham VIC 3400, Australia)
  14. Duncan starts school tomorrow! (Horsham VIC 3400, Australia)
  15. I for one welcome our new robot overlords! (Horsham VIC 3400, Australia)
  16. Robot update: I want more life, fucker! (Horsham VIC 3400, Australia)
  17. Duncan Robot v1 (Horsham VIC 3400, Australia)
  18. No one can escape... the claw! (Horsham VIC 3400, Australia)
  19. A short history of a tiny internet clique and it's Usenet group (Horsham VIC 3400, Australia)
  20. Trying out Pelican (Horsham, VIC)
  21. Skoolbag app updated (Horsham, VIC)
  22. Line Follower Robot (Horsham, VIC)
  23. Parents' Rummage Sale (Red Lion, VIC)
  24. Almost Ready! (Horsham, VIC)
  25. Pelican Success (Horsham, VIC)
  26. Pelican + S3 + CloudFront (Horsham, VIC)
  27. Dad's Radiator Swap (Red Lion, VIC)
  28. Yubikey success! (Red Lion, VIC)
  29. Duncan Parent-teacher interview (Horsham, VIC)
  30. Duncan: Religious Education again? (Horsham, VIC)
  31. Yubikey resilience... (Horsham, VIC)
  32. Forgotten Schooling (Horsham, VIC)
  33. Giving Quassel a try (Horsham, VIC)
  34. Learning Spanish (Horsham, VIC)
  35. Metadata Retention in Australia (Horsham, VIC)
  36. Quassel full time (Horsham, VIC)
  37. Debian on Duncan's Compaq Presario C700 (Horsham, VIC)
  38. Four year olds and VOIP (Horsham, VIC)
  39. Van Front End (Horsham, VIC)
  40. Minecraft Scoreboards (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  41. Bike Paint Job (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  42. More Van Work! (Ballarat, VIC, Australia)
  43. Three Wisdom Teeth Gone (Maryborough, VIC, Australia)
  44. Playstation 4 (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  45. Adelaide -> Pinnaroo (Adelaide, SA, Australia)
  46. Easter: 2015 (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  47. Adelaide again, BP trouble (Adelaide, SA, Australia)
  48. Fuel efficiency in the Sprinter (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  49. IRL Guitar Hero (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  50. Mum and Dad's Broadband (Red Lion, VIC, Australia)
  51. Duncan is Five (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  52. All aboard the FitBit hype train! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  53. Mother's Day Surprise (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  54. Up to Parkes (Parkes, NSW, Australia)
  55. Mum's Missing Birthday (Red Lion, VIC, Australia)
  56. Drive-in Movie (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  57. Tracking down a Quassel Bug (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  58. Book Choices (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  59. Duncan is back to Skylanders (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  60. Fire department shows up (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  61. Wifi Changes (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  62. Ballarat Model Train Expo (Ballarat, VIC, Australia)
  63. Fixing (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  64. Redirects with Amazon S3 (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  65. Goodbye Telstra, Hello... Telstra? (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  66. Duncan got an award! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  67. New Rocksmith Controller (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  68. To the movies: Inside Out (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  69. Down to Gippsland (Catani, VIC, Australia)
  70. Trying out Windows 10 Insider Preview (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  71. New Pelican Theme (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  72. Pelican time zone issues: resolved! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  73. Hunting a V8 (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  74. Sore Ankle! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  75. New (to us) car - VT Commodore (Warrnambool, VIC, Australia)
  76. ELM327 in Python (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  77. Automotive Archeology (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  78. Taming Windows 10 (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  79. Selling the Van - Part 3 (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  80. Blog post maintenance and Photo hosting (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  81. Laptop cooling redux (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  82. This is why I have trust issues... (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  83. New Toy: USB Steering Wheel - Betop BTP 3130 (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  84. More timezone difficulty (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  85. Exetel DNS outage (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  86. J Ward and Gum San (Ararat, VIC, Australia)
  87. I fixed my bike :D (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  88. Jung Market, Warracknabeal Burnout Contest (Warracknabeal, VIC, Australia)
  89. Infinity Day 3.0 (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  90. World of Warcraft on the TV (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  91. Big power outage (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  92. Garden Season (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  93. Math is hard (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  94. Out to Mum and Dad's (Red Lion, VIC, Australia)
  95. Duncan: First Friends' Birthday Party (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  96. Car tire fixed (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  97. Accident Avoided (Black Range, VIC, Australia)
  98. More site fixes (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  99. Commodore: Flat Battery (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  100. Delayed upload (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  101. SHOW STATUS in Postgres (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  102. Commodore: New Serpentine Belt and Tensioner (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  103. Deleting a Homegroup in Windows (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  104. More ELM327 Fun (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  105. Commodore: 200,000km service (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  106. Sydney for Immigration (Sydney, NSW, Australia)
  107. SSD for Sabriena (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  108. Steering Column Fixed (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  109. Fighting spam in phpBB3 (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  110. Good URLs never move... (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  111. Power outage: Fire! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  112. Plumber over again (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  113. Hello Barnaby! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  114. Commodore: Power Steering (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  115. Tax Woes (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  116. Exams again! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  117. Sabriena: Wisdom teeth (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  118. Python: webspyder part 2 (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  119. GTA Online (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  120. More ATO Bullshit (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  121. Rockstar Online Support (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  122. Beeza! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  123. Outdoor Blind Fixed (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  124. BSA: No spark! (Horsham, VIC, Australia)
  125. Merry Christmas! (Red Lion, VIC, Australia)
  126. Moving Granny (Bayles, VIC, Australia)


  1. Gran Turismo 6 (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  2. Back into Mercedes Benz (Ballarat VIC, Australia)
  3. SSD and Windows 8.1 impressions (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  4. Playing with SteamOS (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  5. Possibly fixed our Squid? (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  6. Power Outage (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  7. More Python Work (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  8. Sabriena's legal! (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  9. Telstra Pain (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  10. Our Phone/ADSL is back up (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  11. On a Genealogy kick (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  12. Duncan's birthday present done and dusted (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  13. FreeBSD on Linode - Redo (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  14. Parsing GEDCOM files in Python (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  15. I'm so sore... (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  16. Goodbye Skype for Windows 8! (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  17. Sucking at something... (Maryborough VIC 3465, Australia)
  18. Buying shit with Bitcoin - Oh, how far we've come! (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  19. Duncan's new gloves (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  20. Trying out CyanogenMod 11 (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  21. Hello Moto G (Ballarat VIC, Australia)
  22. Another go at S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  23. One last fling in the van? (Cowes VIC 3922, Australia)
  24. A parade of penguins... (Cowes VIC 3922, Australia)
  25. Wonthaggi, Inverloch and the Prom (Tidal River, Victoria, Australia)
  26. Coal Creek (Korumburra VIC 3950, Australia)
  27. Granny's House, and Home (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  28. Guild Wars 2 (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  29. Crystal Brook -> Moulamein (Swan Hill VIC 3585, Australia)
  30. Sea Lake: Telstra outage (Sea Lake VIC 3533, Australia)
  31. Scavenged a few more posts... (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  32. MtGox Yubikey not reprogrammable. :( (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  33. Writing PHP again... (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  34. More PHP (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  35. That time again, SSL certs (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  36. A little Python hackery for IRC (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  37. HDD mount for the PS3 (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  38. Jekyll, where has it been all my life (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  39. WebSpyder (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  40. I might migrate this blog after all (Red Lion, VIC)
  41. Up north into the cyclone (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  42. Bustling Barringun (Barringun, Enngonia NSW 2840, Australia)
  43. Boxing Kangaroos (Emerald QLD 4720, Australia)
  44. Broken down in Bourke (Bourke NSW 2840, Australia)
  45. Easter Bunny and Echuca (Echuca VIC 3564, Australia)
  46. Made it home safe (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  47. Updating WoW plugin for Mumble (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  48. Importing Blogger to Jekyll, Part 2 (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  49. Duncan's 4th Birthday (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  50. Medion 1TB NAS Server (P89625) (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  51. Duncan's birthday, full recap (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  52. Run to the Border (Border Village SA 5690, Australia)
  53. More Sprinter Fixes (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  54. Fuck yeah, Childhood! (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  55. New Toy: Linksys SPA-3012 (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  56. SteelSeries Rival: Great mouse, terrible software (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  57. Trying to sort out Telstra (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  58. Finally fixed the Sprinter's indicators (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  59. Grandma's 85th (Koo Wee Rup VIC, Australia)
  60. New Phone: Moto G (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  61. Exetel: Bummer (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  62. The drowned pump (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  63. Babby's first ear infection (Ballarat VIC, Australia)
  64. Thrift shop find: ADSL2 modem (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  65. Approved for a rental (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  66. Wings and Wheels (Maryborough VIC 3465, Australia)
  67. First night in the new house (Horsham VIC 3400, Australia)
  68. House condition report (Horsham VIC 3400, Australia)
  69. Sabriena Online... sort of (Horsham VIC 3400, Australia)
  70. New Router Woes (Horsham VIC 3400, Australia)
  71. House issues resolved (Horsham VIC 3400, Australia)
  72. Home ADSL connected (Horsham VIC 3400, Australia)
  73. Laptop GPU crashes (Horsham VIC 3400, Australia)
  74. Out to Mum and Dad's for a visit (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  75. Eclipse photography (Horsham VIC 3400, Australia)
  76. Preparing for Halloween (Horsham VIC 3400, Australia)
  77. Duncan's New Whip (Horsham VIC 3400, Australia)
  78. Internet connection dodginess (Horsham VIC 3400, Australia)
  79. Mumble WoW Plugin: 128-bit GUIDs (Horsham VIC 3400, Australia)
  80. Hewlett Packard - Why do I keep giving them money? (Horsham VIC 3400, Australia)
  81. Visit from the electrician (Horsham VIC 3400, Australia)
  82. Gas bill discrepancy (Horsham VIC 3400, Australia)
  83. That was quick... (Horsham VIC 3400, Australia)
  84. First rental inspection (Horsham VIC 3400, Australia)
  85. Sprinter Fun - p1610 (Ballarat VIC, Australia)
  86. Windows Licensing still sucks (Horsham VIC 3400, Australia)
  87. Electrician Paid (Horsham VIC 3400, Australia)
  88. New high beams for the Van (Horsham VIC 3400, Australia)
  89. Christmas! (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  90. Boxing Day Sales: Hell no (Ballarat VIC, Australia)
  91. Personal Finance Software (Horsham VIC 3400, Australia)


  1. Carburettor Part Deux (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
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  3. Added some more old journal entries (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
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  6. New Vehicle: Mercedes Benz Sprinter (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
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  8. New (to me) Laptop (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  9. Sprinter: Rear Door Lock issues (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  10. NT Border, Second visit (Kulgera NT 0872, Australia)
  11. Kulgera, NT (Kulgera NT 0872, Australia)
  12. So I like to think we've got a pretty good story here... (Semaphore Park SA, Australia)
  13. Sprinter back together, on the road (Wingfield SA 5013, Australia)
  14. Parenting Win? (Adelaide, SA)
  15. Mildura - Rio Vista House (Mildura VIC 3500, Australia)
  16. Hanging about in Port Adelaide again (Port Adelaide SA, Australia)
  17. Adelaide Zoo (Adelaide SA, Australia)
  18. Resurrecting my Skype (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  19. Family Reunion #2 (Bayles VIC 3981, Australia)
  20. Lunch on top of the world (not quite) (Alpine National Park, Cobungra VIC 3898, Australia)
  21. Arigeitsu -> Arbok (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  22. Toolondo, Vic (Toolondo VIC 3401, Australia)
  23. Hanging Mum's TV on the wall (Red Lion, VIC)
  24. Fixes for my Galaxy Nexus (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  25. New Toy: Ripple payments (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  26. Whoops - I think I blew away my GPG key (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  27. Happy Birthday Duncan (Maryborough VIC 3465, Australia)
  28. Almost trust-less Ripple for Bitcoiners (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  29. Air cleaner won't stay on the XF (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  30. Diablo 3 Downloader issues (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  31. Ballarat Computer Market - Really going downhill (Ballarat VIC, Australia)
  32. NTFS Failure under FreeBSD (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  33. Blogger template grumblings (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
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  35. ADSL Modem Issues (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  36. No turbo again on the Sprinter (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  37. This is what several hundred bucks worth of copper looks like (Maryborough VIC 3465, Australia)
  38. Enabling GPS on Sierra Wireless AC760S (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  39. Kitchen Terrorist Attack (Red Lion, VIC 3371 Australia)
  40. Android 4.3 update woes (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  41. Dropbox+KeePass issues on Android (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  42. Back to one blog... (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  43. Well that didn't take long... (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  44. The other Tropic of Capricorn (Newman WA 6753, Australia)
  45. Another look at Newman (Newman WA 6753, Australia)
  46. No more Latitude (Kumarina WA 6642, Australia)
  47. Kumarina and Leonora (Leonora WA 6438, Australia)
  48. Kalgoorlie - Super Pit (Kalgoorlie WA, Australia)
  49. Balladonia (Balladonia WA 6443, Australia)
  50. Back at the base again (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  51. More Latitude Woes (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  52. New Toy: Sony 'Mechless' Head Unit (DSX-A50BT) (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  53. More Telstra ADSL Troubles (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  54. Dad's van broke :( (Kaniva VIC 3419, Australia)
  55. Telstra ADSL - Resolved? (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  56. Variety Club Bash - Ballarat (Wendouree VIC 3355, Australia)
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  58. Duncan's soft-modded Wii (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
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  62. Cape Nelson Lighthouse (Cape Nelson, Victoria, Australia)
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  64. Time for a new Bike (Rankins Springs NSW 2669, Australia)
  65. Quick trip to NSW (Griffith NSW 2680, Australia)
  66. Bauhn Android Tablet 44809 (Horsham VIC 3400, Australia)
  67. Grampians: Halls Gap, Lake Bellfield (Halls Gap VIC 3381, Australia)
  68. More Superannuation Agony (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  69. Christmas Again (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  70. Melbourne SEA-Life Aquarium and Polly Woodside (Brunswick VIC 3056, Australia)
  71. ING Reprieve? (Brunswick VIC 3056, Australia)
  72. Melbourne Zoo (Melbourne Zoo, Elliott Avenue, Parkville VIC 3052, Australia)
  73. Melbourne Central (Melbourne Central/300 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne Central, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia)
  74. New Toy: Samsung EVO SSD (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)


  1. We've landed in Australia! (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
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  9. I've reluctantly taken a second job! (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  10. Telstra 4G Wifi Hotspot (Red Lion, VIC)
  11. Muswellbrook, NSW (New England Hwy, Muswellbrook NSW 2333, Australia)
  12. CSIRO Parkes - "The Big Dish" (Telescope Rd, Parkes NSW 2870, Australia)
  13. Sabriena wants a Kindle (Red Lion, VIC)
  14. Off to the NT border and back... (Marla SA 5724, Australia)
  15. Coober Pedy, SA (Coober Pedy SA 5723, Australia)
  16. Glendambo, SA (Glendambo SA 5710, Australia)
  17. Finally back in Port Augusta (Princes Hwy, Port Augusta SA 5700, Australia)
  18. Duncan's 2nd Birthday (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  19. Gmail time saver - Preview pane (now with 20% less ads) (Red Lion, VIC)
  20. Still waiting on the Transit... (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  21. Bonfire (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  22. Github's Octicons (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
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  24. I'm not a criminal! (Red Lion, VIC)
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  27. You can never find a Koala when you need one... :( (Gunnedah NSW 2380, Australia)
  28. In-dash diagnostics on EL Falcon (Broken Hill, NSW)
  29. Koalas at Narrandera (Narrandera NSW, Australia)
  30. King of the Mountain (LOT 10 Mt Panorama Scenic Rd, Mt Panorama NSW 2795, Australia)
  31. Holbrook - Prepare to Dive! (Holbrook NSW 2644, Australia)
  32. Crossing the Capricorn (Rockhampton QLD 4700, Australia)
  33. Rockhampton Zoo (Rockhampton QLD 4700, Australia)
  34. Clermont (Clermont QLD 4721, Australia)
  35. Kingsford Smith Memorial (Brisbane Airport (BNE), Airport Dr, Brisbane Airport QLD 4009, Australia)
  36. Nudgee Beach (18 Fortitude St, Nudgee Beach QLD 4014, Australia)
  37. Mackay - Shoplifting like a Boss (Mackay QLD 4740, Australia)
  38. I suppose there's worse places in the world to be broken down... (Mackay QLD, Australia)
  39. Duncan's immunization record (Duaringa QLD 4712, Australia)
  40. 'Give it heaps!' (Emerald QLD 4720, Australia)
  41. Off to the WA Border (Moranbah, QLD)
  42. Finally my ringtones are back... (Mackay QLD 4740, Australia)
  43. This van is cursed.... (Goondiwindi QLD 4390, Australia)
  44. Back to the folks' place! (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  45. Build Your Own Android! (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  46. Back out on the highway (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  47. Android 4.2 showed up, OTA. (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  48. Bridge works on McCallums Creek (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  49. Second voyage! (Bordertown SA 5268, Australia)
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  51. Semaphore Park, SA (Semaphore SA 5019, Australia)
  52. Most of the way west (Norseman WA 6443, Australia)
  53. Back through Adelaide (Semaphore SA 5019, Australia)
  54. At Mum's Again (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
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  57. Finally Free of Facebook Platform (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  58. Merry Christmas! (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)
  59. Aussie merit badge: Rebuild a Carburettor (Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia)


  1. Duncan’s Birthday is coming up! (Montpelier, IN 47359, USA)
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