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Duncan and his cousin Elly have been playing Minecraft on their tablets here and there when they’re together, as hers is an iOS device and his is Android, but since the “Better Together” update cross-play works on all devices except Linux and Sony (and Switch, but that’s “coming soon”). My sister asked last night if Duncan wanted to play again, but I wasn’t sure how it would work over the internet, and we put it off as I had things to do last night.

Today, I decided to investigate this update. Sony are still being cunts, no surprise there. It’s a bit cunty of Microsoft to not wrap Linux or MacOS support in, but not entirely unexpected, but everything else seems to work okay. I can use our Android devices with two different XBL accounts, and both can connect to a Nukkit server without issues. Duncan’s XBL account can connect with his desktop as well, but naturally they’re the same player so both can’t be on at once.

Mine however was a nightmare! Apparently I somehow redeemed my Minecraft Windows 10 to another Microsoft account, not the one my Xbox stuff is on. It says I own the game, but when I launch it it wants me to unlock the full game. When I click that, it asks for my password, claims I already own it, then drops me right back where I started. On the phone with Microsoft support, and apparently there’s no way to merge my two Microsoft accounts, I’m stuck with an unwanted account… god damn it.

Anyway, here’s how to configure NukkitX on FreeBSD 11.1:

# pkg install java/openjdk8 screen
$ mkdir minecraft
$ cd minecraft
$ fetch -o Nukkit.jar
$ cat >
#! /bin/sh
screen -R -t minecraft java -jar Nukkit.jar
$ chmod +x
$ ./

This will launch Nukkit, then you can type stop to stop the server, and edit to suit, then run ./ again.

If you get disconnected, you can run the startup script again to reconnect to the console, to whitelist users and so on.

For your firewall, you must open port 19132 UDP.

Update 2018-02-18: After playing with it for several hours, I believe Nukkit is not really mature enough yet. While my server is likely underpowered, it’s not pegging any cores or anything and on a brand new world with a single player, the game simulation is very glitchy. I may give the C# servers a try, particularly under mono. I am certainly not interested in trying any of the PHP-based servers as I don’t expect them to be any better.

For the time being, we’re using the 30 days free trial of Minecraft’s “Realms” feature and it’s been working flawlessly.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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