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I’ve basically been playing… well… doing something to guitar for years. I started in grade 5, played for a bit, gave it up. I bought an electric bass in 1998, and dabbled a bit here and there. We have a cheap (I think Ibanez?) electric in the USA as well, where I also left my bass as we originally weren’t going to be out here long (almost four years later).

The bug bit me again a while back, when in a Google Hangouts with my good friend SouLThps. Since about January, the local Salvos Opp shop has had a red electric which has been mostly ignored. I also saw a used copy of Rocksmith 2014 in EB Games, and I ended up putting two and two together. Salvos let us have the guitar for $70, which I think is about half the price of it brand new.

It needed a set of strings, and then we went to EB and bought Rocksmith.

Surprisingly, Sabriena’s actually giving it a go as well. She’s finding the lessons extremely useful, and having a good time (“3 4 5 is my jam!”, she exclaims after mastering Shifting 101). Rocksmith comes with a tuner and can emulate an amp, metronome, etc so none of that shit is necessary.

The guitar itself appears to be an Ashton AG131, in so-so condition.

Horsham, VIC, Australia fwaggle



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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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