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In to Ballarat today to get Sabriena another phone after something happened to hers. I originally wanted to get her a Galaxy Nexus, because I know CyanogenMod supports it and I feel like barring any crippling issues with third party firmware I can get at least another two years out of my phone.

Unfortunately, people must have the same idea or something, because they all seem to think these phones are worth $250 or so. Bullshit. I found a couple for a much more reasonable price, but they were all so far away it just didn’t really make sense.

Then I remembered the Moto G which was supposed to be launching in Australia at the end of January, so I googled for it and found out that JB HiFi stocked them. I rang to make sure they had them, and then off we set.

The first impressions of this phone are great - it feels good in your hand, it’s slightly thicker and a bit heavier than my GNex but I really like how it feels. The screen is decent, the phone runs quite nicely and it updates to KitKat already. The service is fantastic - far better than my GNex.

I don’t know why anyone would buy a $200 handset in Australia when you could go and get one of these and a prepaid nano sim card.

Ballarat VIC, Australia



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Ballarat VIC, Australia

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