This is why I have trust issues…

The title is slightly tongue in cheek, it’s not that big of a deal…

… but this morning I was doing something productive when my wife began talking about our club on the game Trove (which is actually rather cute and despite being extremely dumbed down there is a fair amount you can do on it). It started out with her saying that one of the regulars wanted to be made club officer. Regrettably, the club permissions system in Trove are so coarse that there’s simply no way I’d consent to making anyone outside our group’s inner circle officer.

Most of these people we have known for a decade. Ten years or more. Given the fact that officer status implies the ability to drain all of the shared resources of a club, there’s just no way anyone outside that inner circle is getting it.

Then later she mentioned that a bunch of the other members were going to pool resources for a new Sky Portal - awesome! I love it when people get together. But because I was hardly paying attention, I missed the fact that one of the primary ringleaders was the person who had repeatedly begged for officer status. This put my hackles up once I realised.

I got on, but it was too late - all the collaborative proceeds were missing. “They’re in the chest!,” this person whined. Fortunately for us, they didn’t realise that Trove has a built in logging system where we had definitive evidence they were the one that removed everything.

They ended up leaving after making off with an unreasonable amount of stuff, but it could have been worse - several other people were too paranoid to give anything over as well. The ruse likely would have gone on longer if not for the /club log <clubname> command.

I reported it to the game’s support, who answered in no uncertain terms there wasn’t much they could do. It looks like people can screw over trusting groups with impunity.

TL;DR: People are shit on the internet, don’t trust them at all.

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