Smash Weekend!

Score!It’s finally arrived, the weekend Smash Ultimate comes out! We picked it up Friday after work and set about playing it, and it really does what it says on the box. You start with a very small roster, but all the maps are available, and the new fighters turn up rather quickly if you get stuck into it. I looked up how to unlock Zero Suit Samus (beat Classic mode with Captain Falcon) and we were away. Duncan, after a shaky start, is finally getting better… he does very well as Inkling!

Saturday morning we were up to do our shop, and I decided to take a look in the Opp Shop while we were out, and found a handful of things worth having including an officially licensed Space Invaders LCD game thing which is kinda cool. For two bucks I couldn’t pass it up… Duncan found it, but it won’t hold his attention long so it’ll go on our shelf to make another thing to annoy Sabriena.

I also managed to find some speakers I don’t hate, which is cool… I think I saw these for sale on Facebook and spaced on it, and the seller must have gotten tired of waiting and donated them. For ten bucks, I decided to take a gamble. They’re Edifier Prisma (the non-BT though, it seems). Considering I was psyching myself up to spend the eye-watering amount Sabriena spend on AudioEngine A2s, I can put up with the fact they’re not quite as good. There’s a handy volume puck that goes on my desk that actually feels really great to use, and they sound perfectly acceptable (a significant improvement over the K-mart logitech 2.1 unit I’ve been using, which sounds utterly awful). The Bluetooth would have been nice, because I could hook that up to my Mac and it’d switch things over the way I want without having to unplug anything, but for ten bucks I really can’t fault them at all.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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