Happy Halloween

It’s Halloween again, something we’ve sorely missed since we left the USA. Horsham does a half-hearted effort, even more so since the primary organizer (an American ex-pat, apparently) moved to Ballarat, where folks put their houses on a map on Facebook. They’re so spread out it’s basically mandatory to drive, which is super-unfortunate, though I did see some kids on bikes.

This year we thought we stocked up, put our house on the schedule (with a time limit of after we expected to get back from trick or treating with Duncan), and then arranged to have an early dinner and head out. Somehow it ended up that Duncan invited a friend from school, and then his Dad asked if we could take another kid as well (who I gather lives with them?)… but I mean we have three seats in the back of the car so what’s two extra kids right?

But the trick or treaters started turning up early, and we actually ran out of candy about half an hour into our scheduled shift. Clearly even though the number of houses dwindled, the trick or treaters didn’t… so maybe next year will be a better turn-out?

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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