Unifi: UDM too bright?

A dramatically long-exposure shot of a dimmed network rack in the middle of the nightAs part of removing the bar shelves and shifting them back, we moved the network rack to the top of the cabinet behind where the TV is, which led to Sabriena’s chief complaint with the EdgeRouter Pro… it’s too fucking loud. She did not notice this of course, until it croaked, and the absence of the noise made it oh so much more obvious when it came back online.

So replacing it with the UDM-SE solved the noise issue, but replaced it with another form of pollution… the LEDs are bright. Super bright. Like 10,000 lumens of flashlights blinking on and off at gigabit speeds bright. Daylight in the hallway bright. OK I’m exagerrating slightly, but they’re very bright LEDs, significantly moreso than the green LEDs on the rest of the equipment in there.

So what to do about it? Why, I went to Super Cheap Auto and picked up a roll of 5% VLT window tint film, aka “Limo tint”, aka “probable cause to be extracted from the vehicle at gunpoint in some parts of the USA”.

After work on Monday (well, between meetings really, Mondays are fucked), I put some of the three meters onto the glass pane on the front of the network cabinet, and the results are pretty good. You can see what’s going on still, but it’s very dark in the hallway at night now.

Perfect. Not sure what to do with the rest of the roll, I’m definitely not silly enough to put it on the car, but there’s not enough to use it for anything on the house.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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