House: we can has contract

The real estate agent sent the contract over to our conveyancer this morning, who found time to look at it towards the end of the day and promptly found a couple issues with it but got done too late to actually do anything about them:

  • They spelled Sabriena’s name wrong, in the typical fashion. This is probably arguably on me, I should have texted the REA the spelling of our names rather than reading them out over the phone.
  • The language around the registration of the spa is ambiguous, if it’s not required, would be problematic for us. This is probably not a dealbreaker, but just a pain in the arse.
  • The property is affected by a covenant which mandates every building must be clad in brick, and a minimum size of 149sqm. When I first saw “covenant” I was immediately turned off, but I guess as far as covenants go this one isn’t a huge deal.

We have to wait for them to fix Sabriena’s name but otherwise we’re probably good to go. Not sleeping tonight!

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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