Today, during my shift, my employer paid for everyone to go Go-karting. How’s that going to work when I’m supposed to be working? Simple, those of us with active shifts brought our laptops and setup a makeshift office in the cafe area of the karting arena. We travelled to the karting place in waves, so that those still in the office didn’t leave until those at the karts were set up, and then since there was over 20 of us and only 6 to 8 could race at any time, there was always someone watching the network.

The go-karting itself was fucking awesome.

It’s basically in a corner of the parking garage under a shopping mall, with walls built around it and a track put inside. The karts were plenty fast enough (though acceleration was a bit low if you slowed down too much, the power band was pretty high on them) and they were ridiculous fun when they slid around a corner. I crashed once or twice (and the next day was positively banged up) but we had an absolute blast.

I was the slowest racer out of the fastest group, which I thought was pretty cool considering the jetlag and it being my first time!

I tried to take photos with our DSLR, but I brought the wrong lens, had the white balance set wrong, and didn’t want to risk blinding someone with the flash so they’re chronically under-exposed. Boo!

Budapest, Hungary fwaggle



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Budapest, Hungary

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