New Toy: Pressure Washer

Last weekend while visiting yard sales (something of a weekly ritual for us now, yard sales then grocery shopping) I found a pressure washer for $30. It’s only a cheap one, pretty sure I’ve seen these on sale at SuperCheap for around a hundred bucks before, but never when I had any spare money. $30 was too cheap to pass up, so we picked it up.

I brought it home and tested it out, and other than not being able to make the soap siphon work, it does what it says on the tin. I stripped a few bits of the scuzzy driveway, then put it away.

Tonight was garbage night, and we decided to clean out the smelly garbage bin since it was empty. The pressure washer made pretty short work of it, and the bin looked brand new when we were done. There was a small bag of garbage that was stuck to the bottom which we scooped up, bagged up, then dropped it back in the bin once it dried.

I think that’s worth it on its own, but hopefully at some point in the coming months I will pull the BSA out and use the pressure washer on it!

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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