The Great Standing Desk Experiment

I’ve heard that standing desks are supposed to be better for your posture, and given that I have all the posture of a giant prawn I figure I need all the help I can get. I originally hoped when I bought my ex-Telstra desk that it could be made to adjust between sit/stand, but alas the height adjustment doesn’t have enough travel to do that.

So I have been on the lookout for a stool version of my Aeron office chair, but the price of them has put me off for a while, and I can’t very well ask work to pay for it. What I did find last week though was a replacement gas-lift for the stool which when I looked at the specs, seemed like it’d do the job handily (there’s actually a mob in the US who sell a kit to convert the aeron to a stool, but they don’t ship here).

It arrived Friday, so I spent Friday evening working out how I was going to do it and came up with building a floating frame, anchored to the wall studs with lag screws, then anchoring my old desktop to it, and put everything on it. I settled on 110cm desk height, approximately the height of my elbows when standing which is apparently what you want (a slight downward angle of the wrists).

I got everything moved over by about dinner time on Saturday, and despite the fact my office looked like a bomb went off in it, I was pretty happy. Stood at my desk, it felt great, but I didn’t stay there very long. I ended up sitting at my desk for a few hours, still with terrible posture, but with the chair/stool swaying around a bit. This should just take some getting used to right?

Woke up Sunday morning and decided, nah, I actually hate this. Sabriena hypothesized that with my comically large desk, raising it up some 60cm or whatever made it feel oppressive. Maybe there’s something in that, but regardless I just put everything back the way it was and I’ll rethink it later.

I left the frame in the closet part anchored to the wall for now, and I think I will put a bench over there and keep my L shaped desk in the opposite corner where it was. Only thing is that with all the expenses we’ve got this month, I will have to wait before I do anything with it!

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