Ethernet cabling done

“Baz” the electrician came by this morning to finally do the ethernet cable run I looked into months ago. I wanted off the WDS bridge (it sucks for gaming, and I thought it was a problem with my disconnects but that turned out to be unrelated), but we couldn’t really justify it at the time, though I had him quote on it anyway.

Once I started working remote, it became more of a necessity, but by the time I realized I could afford it and needed it, he was swimming in work and didn’t have any time to do it. So we’ve been putting up with a blue ethernet cable running down the hallway, us tripping over it as it goes across the kitchen, for about two months now. That all changed when yesterday he rang me up because the work he had on for today got shifted to the afternoon, so he had the morning free.


Except that I had a desk to pull apart in the back office to give him access to the wall, and the entire nerd shrine had to come apart so he could run a drop there as well. So I spent last night frantically tearing everything apart, our bedroom is stacked up with video game shit just so he had a clear workspace.

The actual job went rather well - it was only complicated by the fact that there’s noggings across the top of where the phone wire comes in, which is where the two ethernet drops were going to terminate as well. That was pretty trivial for him to work around, but it did complicate things.

Everything’s ran, and once the testers gave the green light I started plugging things in, and I pulled up that goddamn blue ethernet cable. Tonight after work, I’ll put the TV back together, or I might leave it apart, use the old TV stand, and actually finish the bloody thing… dunno yet.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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