Office renovations: part 4

After making a trip back to HammerBarn to pick up a single solitary sheet of plywood, I have enough material to finish out the shelving, so on Friday that’s what I determined to do… it was getting done tonight, damn it, as I wanted the weekend to finish painting!

After a nervous start, again triple-checking my measurements, I made the final cuts, put some notches in it, assembled everything and nailed/screwed it all together. I managed to break my small drill-bit that I was using to pre-drill the nail holes, but I had everything done and broke it on what was basically the last one, so replacing it can wait.

Absolutely stuffed, I disassembled it one final time, placed it out on some timber stretched across two saw benches and used the roller to paint up the last of the paint on it… and ran out.

So back to HammerBarn on Saturday morning, around Noon, to pick up another 2L of the “Flooded Gum” leftover from Duncan’s bedroom, and I was able to finish it up. Another coat in the evening, and when it was touch-dry, I assembled everything for what I genuinely hope is the final time.

A few more sands and paint coats, and I’m pretty happy with how it looks. If I were more patient, I could probably get the finish smoother… but I’m absolutely knackered and just need a break from this. I can always pull everything off, put down another drop sheet, and start sanding it more in the future. For now, this is good enough.

I’ve not yet started loading it back up yet, wanting to wait for the acrylic paint to set up properly before I go filling it, but I’m excited! And the integrated workbench is already proving quite useful.

It really needs some lights though…

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