boredom reigns supreme!

well, i sat on the bus with my laptop, “nomad”, and i wrote up some content for today. i came home and uploaded it, as well as making a few minor changes to the php code to enable me to make a links page work right. i added a stack of links, as well as a couple of texts in the about me section and a bunch of pics too!

i’m glad i got basically all the coding done though, because i tire of coding personal pages very quickly and i actually wanted to get the site done before i quit doing it. now all i have to do is add content when i feel like it, which is quite a simple operation thanks to the crafty mysql backend. i do plan on coding a guestbook type thing back into the site again sometime soon, which will be good practice in securing php scripts which is something i haven’t really had much practice at. by applying my perl security skills, i think i’m writing secure code but we’ll have to wait and see if someone tries to drop my databases ;) (just for that reason i’m logging ip addresses and sql queries for a little while). if you wanna try hax0r my sql, go for it (just don’t drop my databases).

hrm what else is new? well, not a lot. i’ve been working a little bit, and now that i’m getting confident with php i’m going to compile it on my laptop (which is in dire need of a decent hard disk if anyone has a good quality 1-2gb laptop hard disk they can send me ;)) and i’m going to start hardcore recoding of my auctions site again. i really need to get that up, and hopefully get some paying customers and make us some money!

well i think i got the timezone shit sorted out on my box, it’s now running under PST (which works out good for me considering i’m in california). i guess i’ll find out for sure whether or not it’s worked when i post this ;)

Sacramento, CA, USA



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Sacramento, CA, USA

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