Happy New Year!

I got a facebook message sometime around the 30th from my cousin Rodney, who I was very close to growing up (his grandmother, my great aunt, actually put up with me staying with her many a school holiday just so we could hang out). He’d mentioned coming out to visit before, and since he had the holiday break off he decided to head out.

He was originally only going to stay for a night, but he’s a massive Star Wars geek so we (along with Duncan) got stuck into Duncan’s various Disney Infinity playsets and pissed away most of the day. I found this to be rather awesome, because I haven’t really played Infinity much at all on the PS4 - I quite enjoyed the playsets in the first one, but the second playsets didn’t interest me at all (I’m not really a comic book fan) and I don’t care for the toy box at all.

When we came up for air it was almost dinner time, so we ordered pizza and went to the bottle shop while we were out. The three of us continued romping our way through a galaxy far, far away until the youngest of us had to retire for the evening.

It was at that point, deliberately and without regret, that two grown-ass men did continue to play a five-year old’s video game until the wee hours of the morning. When we ran out of missions to do in the Star Wars playsets we went back to the previous version of Infinity and helped the avengers stop Loki.

It was around this time that we started running low on Cola, so the drinks started getting stronger to compensate. I distinctly remember feeling decidedly sober up until the last drink, when the warm chest and heavy eyelids hit me like a truck. We didn’t finish the Spiderman playset, and went to bed just short of two.

I decided not to track the calories I consumed last night, not because I’m lying to myself but because I don’t really know how to count it.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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