Rack blanking panel

I’ve had some blanking panels for my rack on my eBay wishlist for a few months now. With the R510 still in place I need 12RU of blanks, and to get metal ones wasn’t that expensive, except that shipping was exhorbitant (not surprising, with them being ~20" wide and made of 2mm-ish metal).

I came up with an alternative solution - I could buy materials to make my own, probably at Bunnings. I went and had a look, and they did indeed have metal, but I didn’t really feel like using the grinder to cut them down and I lack a guillotine of course. They also had 3mm sheets of acrylic, so I grabbed some of that.

After cutting it down to size and drilling some holes in it and it’s in place. It’s glossier than I figured, so maybe I should have gone with the metal after all. Too late now!

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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