Down to Gippsland

We shipped off out to Mum and Dad’s on Wednesday in the Sprinter, because Sabriena had a dentist appointment on Thursday (almost finished!) then from there we went on to Catani to visit my grandmother, where we stayed the night.

I nicked Grandma’s scanner and raided the photo albums, stealing a whole heap of new content for our family history project. Some of the new information conflicts what we thought we already knew, but that’s the exciting part! For instance, we’ve got photos of the scrub clearing implement my great grandfather used to clear land at Bass. We previously thought it was horse-drawn, and a single large log, but it seems it was multiple smaller logs lashed together behind a large bullock team.

This morning, I checked grandma’s computer out and came to the conclusion it probably belongs in the trash can. It’s a Pentium 4, with Windows XP… I really don’t see any point in trying to upgrade it or anything, and it’s out in the cold part of her house so she never uses it. I think she’d be much better served by a newer low-end laptop, so Dad’s going to look into that for her.

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Catani, VIC, Australia

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