Boxing Kangaroos

Boxing KangaroosAfter finishing up, we came back to Emerald, QLD to sleep. Couldn’t get a shower at the Caltex roadhouse, because of a problem with their brand new plumbing, so we went around to the local caravan park and paid five bucks for the privilege. It was worth it though, we spent the night before last about 30KM south of Barcaldine, and obviously didn’t get a shower.

We then came back to the roadhouse to sleep out the back, away from the trucks. Woke up just around sunrise this morning to a surprise spectacle: several male roos tussling for rank. After about a half an hour and several hundred shots, we finally got a halfway-decent picture of them.

Emerald QLD 4720, Australia fwaggle



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Emerald QLD 4720, Australia

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