Family Reunion #2

King of the StumpSince we were back in Victoria for Easter weekend, we’d basically never hear the end of it if we didn’t head down to Gippsland for Grandma’s Good Friday get together. Dad took his van and we took ours, and we figured we’d stay at Grandma’s overnight which wouldn’t make it such a big day.

The difference in Duncan’s behavior was astonishing - he’d completely come out of his shell, and played exceptionally well with one of his second cousins.

It was a lot nicer this year not feeling like theĀ centerĀ of attention - my cousin Emily’s just had another baby which took the heat off a little bit.

We stayed the night at Grandma’s, then ducked off into Dandenong for some parts for Dad’s van.

Bayles VIC 3981, Australia



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Bayles VIC 3981, Australia

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