Christmas Dinner!

This year, once again, we elected to not drive on the actual Christmas weekend and resolved to organize a family dinner on another weekend, opting for before Christmas in case it was delayed by the pandemic again.

Mum and Dad’s place is too small, Linda’s in the process of moving, and Jess’s place needs a heap of rennovations, so the end result is that we’re hosting it this year. First order of business, last month or so, was to sort out enough seating for everyone, but luckily the local bowls club was replacing all their furniture and thus were blowing out their old cafeteria chairs at $2 each, so $24 later we have enough chairs.

Last weekened, Sabriena and I arranged the trestle tables in multiple configurations and couldn’t find one that satisfactorily fit everyone around it except to have the two tables end-to-end, resulting in nearly 5 meters of table… so we had to rearrange our living room to fit everyone in, but we made it work.

So last night, set all that up and got everything ready to go. Today everyone showed up and the whole thing went off almost without a hitch. The weather was lovely (with a bunch of people in the house we turned the cooler on to keep the temp down, but it was quite comfortable inside). The dog was spectacularly well-behaved all day, apart from one minor incident of trying to swipe some roast pork from the table that was placed too close to the edge.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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