Debian + Puppet == Love

If it’s not immediately obvious from reading any of my websites, I’m a FreeBSD guy. It’s just comfortable: I’ve been a FreeBSD user since the late 90s, and I just know my way around it. Despite using various Linux flavors here and there throughout my life, they always feel slightly alien to me.

That said, for what we do at MumbleDog, FreeBSD has proven to be a liability at times. Sometimes it feels like I’m about the only maintainer of Murmur on FreeBSD (though that’s obviously not actually the case), and there are quite a few issues that have been “well, it’s fixed on Linux” that I’ve had to go and battle with myself. It just seems like a whole lot of work, so I decided to give Linux another shot.

Playing with a few VMs for test machines, I also decided to take the opportunity to give puppet a go as well. After much messing around and documentation reading, I’ve successfully managed to set up a build box, where I build a custom package for murmur and mutter, which I then push across to an apt repository, then build and sign a “Release”, before telling puppet to install it.

I’ve just finished with it, and I haven’t actually tested it from a blank VM, but I think I’m a couple of scripts away from having a “click here to add a new Mumble server” setup.

Red Lion, VIC



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Red Lion, VIC

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