All Zoo’d Out

It’s that time again! Down to Melbourne yesterday to meet Mum and Dad, and set ourselves up in a Hotel for two nights for our yearly trip to Melbourne Zoo. We stayed in the Vibe Hotel in Carlton this time, because strangely enough it was far, far cheaper this year (after New Years Eve perhaps, instead of after Boxing Day?). Everything was pretty nice, except the fact the fridge was mostly useless on account of it being a mini-bar and there was no microwave/toaster etc, I’m assuming because they wanted you to use room service.

We ended up buying our meals so far anyway, it’s a holiday damn it.

The zoo was great, as usual, and we took a different route this year ensuring to catch the things we missed. We left earlier too, Duncan was just too tired to make it much further and my feet were about had it as well.

Parkville VIC, Australia



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Parkville VIC, Australia

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