NBN? Not quite!

AussieBB sent me a text and an email in rapid succession tonight… they needed more information but were ready to put us in the install queue. Hooray!

I called them up to find out what they want, and they needed the service number for our ADSL. Gave them that - no, that’s the one they already have, and it must be routed via VOIP or something because it’s no good to them. They need a ULL ID, to identify the loop and transfer it to VDSL at the node. Apparenty the ULL ID starts with 161 and should have ten digits…

Hung up, and called up Exetel support, who gave me a service ID that starts with EXE and has a bunch of zeroes in it, and said that if that’s no good I’ll have to call up the provisioning team on Monday because the 24/7 support folks don’t have access to that data. Bummer.

Not expecting much, I rang Aussie back, and no the number they gave me isn’t any good. Guess I’ll call on Monday, but I don’t like our chances of being near the front of the installation queue now.

Update: I called up Exetel first thing on Monday, and I’m not sure if they were expecting me or if they fielded a few of those sorts of calls recently, but it took them all of about 30 seconds to provide the ULL. Pretty content with that part of their service, pity their technical support isn’t quite so efficient (though to be fair, I haven’t needed it all that much, their ADSL has been rather good up until the end, I’m only switching because I’ve heard their NBN-powered network is more congested than Aussie’s at peak times).

I rang Aussie immediately after, and they’ve scheduled our appointment for switchover for the 4th of October. I’ll be in Europe! Gave Sabriena a crash course in changing the modem settings (we’re already using the VDSL modem in ADSL2+ mode), she should be able to figure it out. Unfortunately, she’ll probably download all the things without me. :(

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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