Parents’ Rummage Sale

Out to my parents’ place yesterday for a dentist appointment, and since I ended up with a double-shot of whatever they stab into the area I was feeling a bit groggy so I spent the night.

This morning was the Talbot wide rummage sale, which Mum and Dad were participating in to get rid of some stuff. I took the opportunity to scrounge through the storage shed to see if there’s anything of mine in there left over, and found a few things I could chuck in to the pot.

I found my old bass amplifier that I don’t need, along with some car parts, and some old NES games. I found my SNES, but couldn’t find the power supply

  • probably not right to sell it without one!

After helping dad shift some of the heavier stuff I decided to head home as my mouth was feeling better.

Red Lion, VIC fwaggle



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Red Lion, VIC

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