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Valve have made an absolute mess of Counter Strike with the latest update - the r8 Revolver was fun for about an hour, then it started to get old using the same gun for everything and it looked like no fix was in sight, so I looked for something else to do.

I’d considered buying Star Wars: Battlefront for the PS4, but I have no one to play it with and I’m not sure I want to go through the effort of getting good at a console shooter all over again. In the end I settled on Grand Theft Auto 5, which I’ve since completed (twice, once on the PS3 and once on the PS4) but never played online. I’d heard good things about it though.

I was able to get 2 days free of Playstation Plus, which would let me play online, so I set it up. None of the male characters I tried to create looked any good, and I’m not averse to playing female characters so I decided to have go at making one, and found an absolutely tore up face that I found hilarious. Seriously, my avatar looks like she mainlined meth since dropping out of middle school and hasn’t slept in months. Awesome.

I started unlocking things and earning money, just generally having a good time. Indeed, I stole a motorcycle and ended up with a $10,000 bounty on my head, which naturally attracted everyone in the session to hunt me down. Zipping through the streets of Los Santos on my stolen motorcycle, I kept them at bay for almost 15 minutes before crashing and being killed (and for good measure the bastards blew up my bike too!). This is good stuff.

Then someone messages me, this awkward sort of message that makes me think they think I’m a female, so I ignore it. Then the abuse starts. “Slut” “slapper” (what I thought was local to Australian slang, but the user was from the UK) and so on. The fuck? I could have ignored it, but it was spammed over and over, and while I can ignore this shit because I’m a) male and b) an habitual internet troll, what if I was a thin-skinned female new to the internet? Who the fuck does this idiot think he is, that it’s okay to talk to someone on the internet like that for no reason? So I reported him to PSN, which includes the ability to block someone (something I couldn’t find by itself).

A few minutes later, it starts again with a similar but slightly altered screen name, so I reported that one too. The next morning I got a message that they’d acted upon the reports, which included a warning about abusing the report feature… I’m not sure whether that’s something specifically because of the two reports I filed or just something they say every time, but I hope it’s not considered okay for some little cunt to talk to people online like that (particularly when as far as I’m aware, we’d had no actual interactions).

The good news is that that’s really the only negative interaction I’ve had. There was some clown that I blew past on my motorcycle (insured this time), when I stopped to visit the tattoo shop he drove past and blew it up… but that sort of thing is to be expected in game. The rest of it is rather fun, despite the fact I’m frequently thrown in with people much higher level, on much higher difficulty, so I get killed a lot and end up being carried through the mission.

I might actually pay for Playstation Plus.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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