Pinnacle lookout, Halls Gap

Halls GapSometime in the last few weeks, Sabriena came up with a great idea about going on another hike… she found a new place not far from us that purports to have a “Grand Canyon” and a bunch of other stuff. Apparently she showed photos to Duncan and he seemed pretty stoked about it, so we started thinking about when we would do it…

This Saturday was supposed to be nice, so we made plans - we’d head out early, go do the hike, then in to Hall’s Gap for some food and then on home. We parked at Wonderland Car Park and hiked the somewhat challenging climb through the “Grand Canyon”, and through the “Silent Street” that Duncan was super excited about, and all the way to the top. Duncan’s excitement significantly waned after we passed Silent Street, but we convinced him to press on to the top and once we got there he said it was worth it.

Heading back down was an exercise in quad/calf misery, but we made it back to the car then in to town looking for some food. Settled for sub-par hotdogs (Duncan had “nachos”, which were really doritos with spaghetti sauce and cheese), but then afterwards we had ice cream at “Coolas Icecreamery” which was absolutely fantastic.

Halls Gap VIC 3381, Australia fwaggle



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Halls Gap VIC 3381, Australia

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