Duncan’s birthday, full recap

Duncan is four today.

Up bright and early for breakfast, then Duncan got to open the DSi we got him ages ago as I mentioned earlier. Mum and Dad got him Mario Kart for it as well, which is great because he absolutely adores it for the Wii. He spent the ten bucks my Grandma gave him on “Bravo” from Disney’s “Planes”, to match the Dusty Crophopper he got ages ago (I think it was a Christmas present?)

Dinner time, and we were in to Dominos in Maryborough because Duncan had requested pizza for his birthday dinner, and unfortunately our usual place isn’t open on Mondays. It wasn’t so great - Dominos never is, in my humble opinion - but it wasn’t as bad as last time. Duncan ate ridiculously well, putting away four pieces of pizza and some birthday cake.

The cake turned out amazing - I’m so glad to have a wife that bakes again. She hasn’t been baking much the last two years, because the oven here is absolutely terrible and we’ve been on the road a lot… but I really miss it.

Duncan spent the entire evening alternating between his DS and his planes and Lego, just generally being hyper - I think the sugar got the best of him.

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Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia

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