Duncan’s seven!

Duncan is seven years old today (ish, modulo timezones).

My sisters came by last weekend and bought him a giant-ass Lego set, which he was pretty stoked about and him and his cousin spent most of the day building it. Then today after school he got the Lego Dimensions pack we bought him a couple of weeks ago because they were really cheap in Target. I was leery of buying it, because it seems like yet another “toys to life” money pit, but worst case scenario the Lego bits can just be played with when the game dies off.

The game itself out of the box is kind of a piece of shit. The bonus character he got is DLC-powered, so it wouldn’t work without 6GB of updates. I can live with that. But if you can believe it, part of the introduction is bugged, leaving you entirely unsure what to do, until you Google the solution and realise the game is glitched, and restarting fixes it. Must be really short QA at the developer I think, because apparently it’s pretty common, and considering it’s in the first 20 minutes (depending on how long it takes you to build the portal), it’s pretty disappointing.

We had Subway for dinner (Duncan’s selection, prior to that it was going to be Waffles, for some reason), then got stuck back into the game. It’s quite fun once you get going, more or less like any of the countless Lego games, with each chapter being in a different “dimension” (so you tour around a bunch of scenery), and some extra gameplay elements involving the portal (the Wicked Witch of the West traps you, and to break the trap you have to move your characters elsewhere on the portal). We’re enjoying it so far.

After that, a homemade cake, some more gaming, then bed time. This weekend Lincoln is staying over, so more fun.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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