A parade of penguins…

Koala @ Phillip Island

… and a cavalcade of Koalas? I suppose that works. Anyway, after exploring Rhyll, Newhaven and Cape Woolamai, we hit the two major tourist attractions: the koala conservation centre and the penguin parade. Duncan had a really great time at both, and I’ve not been through the koala pictures yet (photography is not permitted at the penguin parade) but I’m pretty sure we got a few good ones. I’ll update this post later with some.

This time of year is probably not the greatest time to take a 3~4 year old to the penguin parade - they show up really late (on account of waiting until dark to return to shore), and the molting season means there’s not as many heading in. Despite being up horrifically late, Duncan had the best time ever - he almost didn’t make it back to the caravan park without falling asleep.

I’m not sure what we’ll do tomorrow - I’m not sure we’d like the museum at the grand prix circuit enough to warrant the cost of entry, and we’ve done most of the stuff I think we’d be interested in.

Update: Added a photo from the koala conservation centre, more can be seen by clicking on the photo and browsing the Flickr archive.

Cowes VIC 3922, Australia fwaggle



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Cowes VIC 3922, Australia

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