Garage clean up

It’s been over a year ago now since we bought some cheap shelving for the garage, and for the most part all I did was crammed all the stuff that was piled up on the floor wherever it fit on the shelves and just left it. It’s time to start getting serious about it so that I can find things when I want it.

But first order of business, do I have it set up in the optimal layout? Since we moved in I’ve had the “workbench” (term used loosely, I do not own a solid workbench, what’s there is a table of questionable stability I can put shit on) under the window. It’s between the vacuum cleaner and the shelving now. The BSA is across the second garage door, essentially preventing it from ever being opened.

The solar inverters and the rest of the power infrastructure covers nearly 1/3rd of the wall horizontally, leaving room underneath it all but not quite enough for the server rack, so that’s out in the middle of the room so I can get to both sides of it. The rest of the shit laying around (air conditioner and so on) means that basically half our garage is a maze of shit you have to crawl between in order to get to the shelves.

So in a fit of enthusiasm, I started shifting things around (after moving the car out onto the driveway so I’d have space to move) - the rack’s over by the window (blocking access to some shelves, but I am quite sure that nothing there needs getting to terribly frequently). The motorbike’s next to it, between it and the vacuum cleaner. The workbench is over under the power stuff, which means I have a spare 15A power point available to boot.

I have a pile of crap that needs to go to the dump, but that’s a job for another day. At least there’s space to move around now, but I’ve run out of steam to actually sort the stuff out on the shelves!

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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