Productive Weekend!

Pretty proud of myself over the weekend. Thursday I managed to finish off the second assignment for my calculus class - I think a couple of my proofs are pretty weak, and it’s entirely possible I got completely the wrong answer, but at the beginning of the week it was looking like I wasn’t even going to get a couple of the questions attempted at all. I’d literally started putting together the finished draft in such a way where I wrote out the question and my first few steps, and was going to leave it at that - when suddenly something clicked and I came back to it and ended up with a solution.

I am mentally drained though - check my Khan Academy profile and you’ll see that for the last three-and-a-bit weeks, I haven’t missed a single day. That’s on top of catching lectures and doing work on the assignment. I did manage to 100% Algebra Basics, which was bothering me a while ago after I screwed it up in spectacular fashion.

So I spent Friday doing a bunch more Khan Academy practice when it finally hit me that I’m exhausted. I vowed to spend this week playing with my kid and relaxing, but I’d pop on and watch a quick video to keep my streak running.

We played Minecraft most of the weekend, but I did manage to do some other stuff as well. I updated (yet again) all of my FreeBSD machines, which highlighted the fact that two of them are seriously long in the tooth and I have been “in the process” of moving them for about two years now. So today, I set about swapping over the DNS services to two new VMs that have been sitting idle for about that amount of time.

Surprisingly, once I worked out how to swap the glue records at Moniker, everything went surprisingly smooth. IntoDNS doesn’t show any errors, I get the new serial from the new IP addresses and there was zero downtime - a far cry from the last time I moved DNS servers (about 2008, apparently).

I also swapped my IRC machine over from sqlite to PostgreSQL, and the difference is significant. My database wasn’t huge (about a million rows of backlog) but it was starting to get a bit long in the tooth (about a 100MB sqlite database), and PostgreSQL is a huge improvement for it. That took a bit of doing though, to get the thing to play nice with the startup scripts on FreeBSD.

Finally, I spent some time contemplating moving this blog off AWS, since my 12 months of free tier expired. Not sure if the ~80c/month it costs me now is worth the hassle of putting it on an nginx server somewhere.

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