magazine madness

well, after being bugged by kleptic i decided to mirror outbreak magazine on my site. this didn’t really seem too fair to me considering i also used to mirror the discordant opposition journal too, so tonight i mirrored the doj, as well as possibly i’m going to mirror SoLJo too! so the new download section will be magazine madness pretty soon.

last night and this morning, i finally rewrote my banner exchange network code! at the moment you have to email me your banner, website url, and ask for permission to join the network, but hopefully soon i’m going to have it so users can sign up and configure their accounts themselves - i just have to get arround to it. it works on a 1:2 ratio (display a banner twice on your page, and get your banner displayed once on someone else’s), and if you’re interested just email with the details above.

on an even brighter note, moocintosh might be coming back to life! a friend of a friend is supposed to be going to hook me up with a macintosh classic or a macintosh SE/20 in a week’s time, and then i’ll stick moocintosh’s hard disk back into it and hopefully i’ll be back online with a mac in no time! because of this, i’m probably going to start a system6 section on my site too, for those who are likewise into old macs.

well. i’m bored with my stupid girlie diary thingy. it’s probably going to be deleted soon because it’s a teen site with uhh.. “sexually explicit content” in it, but if you’re bored it’s not a bad read for a laugh… i’m basically just takin the piss out of my little sister in law and her friends and how they write the lamest shit in these silly diaries, heh. anyway…

g’night folks ;)

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Sacramento, CA, USA

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