Gippsland, again

On Friday, shortly after work ended, Duncan and I set off to Mum and Dad’s, as this weekend we were going down to visit my Grandmother. She lives in Gippsland, which is a fair hike from our place (about 8~9 hours, round trip, if the stars align). We stayed up way too late on Friday night, but it was okay because we were still up and moving before everyone else on Saturday morning. This is becoming something of a tradition, it seems.

After breakfast, we piled into the car with Mum and Dad, who decided to tag along, and headed down to Gippsland which involves heading through Melbourne. Mercifully, the traffic cooperated and we made pretty good time, arriving shortly after lunch. I ate way too much crap, as we stopped at McDonald’s in the truckstop at Officer, and then pushed on the last half hour or so.

In to see Grandma, who is now in her new space but complaining the air conditioning doesn’t work. She’s not wrong, it wasn’t terribly pleasant in there. We hung out for a bit before Duncan started getting bored, so I let him play with the Switch - since the only game we brought was Splatoon 2, it required internet so I put my phone’s hotspot on… but the multiplayer still didn’t work.

We ended up staying nearly three hours before deciding it was time to head off, or we’d not be back to Mum and Dad’s before dinner, and I’d already eaten enough garbage. Or so I thought - stopping at McDonalds again in Rockbank, ostensibly for a coffee, Mum bought everyone ice cream cones, which in the heat I gratefully devoured. Somehow I still ended up losing weight for the week!

Arrived back to Mum and Dad’s shortly before a very light dinner, went to bed on-time, and then came home shortly after lunch.

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Bunyip, VIC, Australia

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