We’ve been heading out to yard sales for quite some time now, mainly because ever since I got bitten by the retro gaming bug, I’ve been hoping to score something amazing. I’ve found very little so far, but that makes it a rather cheap hobby. I like to tell folks that I try not to get beaten down by what I am finding, but by what I could find… it’s about the thrill of the hunt, and the endless possibilities (a cheap NeoGeo AES would be awesome!).

Today, we set out on the usual route of miserable wintertime yard sales, and the first one we hit is absolutely hopping. Cars illegally parked for several hundred meters down the street, on both sides… we parked quite a ways away, where it was legal, and walked back. As we sauntered towards it I checked the ad - it was mostly camping, fishing, and motorcycle gear, with a ton of tools. But we’re here now, so why not, and immediately I noticed a great big box of PS1 games. I like to buy PS1 games if they’re cheap enough, because it’s quite nostalgic to me… this was the system Sabriena and I both had very early on in our relationship, and there’s a lot of great memories there. None in any of the games we have right now mind, but they’re out there.

So the whole box is labelled $15, and on the surface it looks like a pretty good deal. I start peeking under the top of the box, and I spy a Namco GunCon… that tears it, I’m buying it. I brought it home and went through everything.


One of the unrealized benefits at the time of purchase was I found the last game I needed to complete my collection of the main Gran Turismo games - Gran Turismo II. It was complete, once I dug up all the parts (discs in the wrong cases and such), and considering that that’s $15AUD at the moment on it’s own, everything else was gravy.

The GunCon is complete, and comes with a copy of Point Blank, which I already had, and the multi-out adaptor so you don’t have to have the console right near the TV. It appears to work, but I can’t test it right now because we don’t have a CRT. If it works, it’s worth substantially more than I paid. But it wasn’t the last thing in the box.

There was a PSOne console, complete and functioning, with two controllers and a handful of games. I cleaned all the dust off it, confirmed it works, and then put it up. I don’t much care for the PSOnes, after all.

Along side that, there was also an original PlayStation, the SCH-7002 model (so not the coveted RCA-out model). I plugged it in and checked it out, and it functions too though the lens needs cleaning. Digging through all the games though, there’s a burnt copy of “Tomorrow Never Dies”, which meant a non-zero chance that one of these consoles was modded. Turns out the PSOne isn’t, but the 7002 is! That means I can take my US one and put it on the shelf, and use the one PSX console for everything. Neat!

Finally, there was a Team Mad Catz steering wheel. It works, but it’s fucking awful. I already have a Logitech wheel for the PS2, so I don’t think I’ll keep this. I’ll probably sell the PSOne as well, though I don’t think they’re worth much. All in all, really happy with today’s haul, and it more than makes up for the drought I’ve had going out to yard sales every week and coming home empty handed. Now to find an N64, a GCN, and a NeoGeo!

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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