VE SS: Serviced!

I noticed last week sometime that I was actually a teeny bit late on scheduling the service for the VE - it was due at the end of April, whoops! For some reason, none of the reminders on aCar went off, gotta say this app has really gone downhill since they sold it to Fuelly. Since we never hit the mileage for the services, I should just put it in my calendar instead.

Anyway, rang up last week to make an appointment to drop it in to our mechanic, who’s actually sold, so this will be our first time trying out the new owners. Can drop it in any time after 8am, sooner the better, so we waited for Duncan to leave for school then piled the dog in the car and off we went.

Why’d we take the dog? Well, we reasoned, I could take a break in lieu of my lunch, and we could walk her home. We then decided we’d walk home via the river, because it’s “not that far out of our way”. This meant a rather long, meandering walk that took nearly an hour when it really should only take about 20 minutes, but anyway. The dog enjoyed herself.

After work, got a call to come pick it up, so I headed out there just before dinner. No concerns, it did need spark plugs so it was a tiny bit more expensive (it’s about $100AUD to do 8 plugs, plus labour), and they did a brake fluid flush too amongst other things.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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