New Monitor Day!

A few months back I decided it was time to replace the piece of shit 32" LCD TV I was using as a monitor with something decent, as it was getting hard to look at and I was quite sure I was giving myself eye strain just using it for work. I ended up spending too much, opting for a 1440p, 144Hz IPS monitor which is pretty nice, really. I’ve been very happy with it since I’ve had it.

However, using the 900p LCD as a second screen (for monitoring/alerts for work) has been less than stellar. Next to the IPS, whatever 10-year-old panel is in that thing looked positively awful, and text was quite difficult to read on it as well. Furthermore, on Linux at least, using two screens with two different DPIs is still a terrible experience, even in 2018.

Sabriena and Duncan both replaced their 900p monitors with 1080p units, which we were able to buy locally. They’re Acer G246HL - not amazing (60Hz and TN panels), but still a dramatic upgrade from what they had. I’m pretty happy with them, my only complaint would be there’s no built-in speakers on the models that they got… not a problem for Sabriena, but we’ll have to buy speakers for Duncan in the near future.

For me though, I wanted only a few things: exactly 27" viewable area, and 1440p, so that I would have the same DPI. And then I figured I wanted an IPS panel, so they looked at least reasonably close to each other. The next major requirement was cheap, because I’d already spent too much on one monitor.

Friday I found the ViewSonic VA2719-2K was on sale again at one of my preferred local retailers, so I decided to place an order, and it came yesterday. Other than needing to sit it on a motherboard box to get it at my preferred height, I don’t really have any complaints about it. I figure when the budget recovers a little bit I’d like to get a dual monitor stand anyway, so I can put up with the box for now.

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