Mum’s Missing Birthday

We bought a card and a couple of small gifts for Mum for mother’s day and/or her birthday, but due to other commitments we didn’t end up making it out there (they all went to Gippsland for the weekend and we just couldn’t justify that much travel on a school weekend for Duncan).

Yesterday afternoon, the dental hospital in Maryborough, to whom I was referred for my final remaining wisdom tooth, rang to ask if I could come in for a last minute cancellation today at 10am. I’d since had to cancel myself, as I fled to Parkes previously, and while I could have made it from Parkes back to Maryborough in time, I’d left my X-rays at home and going back via Horsham would just have made the entire trip too much driving to do safely.

So last night I headed out to Mum and Dad’s, taking my X-rays and Mum’s stuff with me. Duncan had selected the card - a Lightning McQueen birthday card - and drew some pictures in it and wrote her a note. One of the things we got her was a cheap HDMI cable, because her new PVR that Dad got her didn’t come with one and the EPG on it looks terrible over composite video.

Hooking it up was trivial, but man that PVR is frustrating to use. It has absolutely rave reviews on Whirlpool, which I think really says something about the state of consumer PVRs at the moment. The UI is horrific, and YouTube playback (one of it’s advertised features) runs at about 5FPS. I think if we want to watch FTA TV, we’ll look at building a MythTV box or something.

Out to the dentist just as Mum and Dad were leaving to head to Gippsland again, and the appointment went very quickly. A quick check to make sure that all the other wisdom teeth were actually removed, a quick inspection of the remaining tooth (which it turns out is still inside the jaw bone) and I have my referral to the Royal Melbourne hospital.

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