Note: This is an historic entry originally published on Hungry Hacker, which I moved here instead.

I really need to find a way to manage my time better.

It seems like for the last two weeks (maybe even three), I’ve run around like something that runs around a lot and haven’t really had time for anything. I’ve been making more money lately, which is rather nice and as a side effect what little time I’ve had spare we’ve spent shopping for shit to spend my monetary excess on.

However, today I managed to put some finishing touches on this neato “wiki”-style engine for, which is actually kind of cool. It uses XML, with my own “plain english” markup tags which I’m quite proud of. It self-validates and everything.

It’s a lot simpler than earlier experimental cowpoke engines, but I think that’s for the best - with the exception of some authentication to stop people from vandalizing my site, it’s basically complete. Then all I need to do is move the older articles across, whip up a decent forum and I can actually have a site that I’m doing something with!


Ahem. Sabs is watching “You’ve got Mail” again. I don’t know how much more of this I can take, I think I might have to bring the PS2 into the bedroom and play a few rounds of Tenchu, and possibly stare at the cute ninja Ayame’s arse. For those who aren’t aware, I have this weird obsession with girls (real or fake) that can kick my arse. Creepy. :(

Well, it’s basically bed time. So I’m going to grab something to eat and get into bed. At the same time…

Sacramento, CA 95826, USA



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Sacramento, CA 95826, USA

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