Diablo IV! (for real this time)

It’s probably telling how things are going by how late I’m writing this… I broke down and bought Diablo 4 after playing the beta. That broke my streak of not buying anything Activision since a little bit after Reaper of Souls came out, though I did have a WoW sub around that time too. I soft-boycotted them due to some sort of employee action, and then again with the whole Hong Kong thing, and I simply never got back into anything until I saw the news about D4.

I figured it’d been long enough, that what I was doing wasn’t going to help make them any more progressive, but then the other day I was watching YouTube during lunch and learned that some folks were boycotting them again. Fuck, what now? Turned out a bunch of CoD players are boycotting them for removing someone who was anti-LGBT or some shit. This is the reason you chose to stop playing Activision games? THIS?! This tells me everything about the sort of arsehole you are if now is when you choose to boycott.

So fuck it, for the time being, I’m all-in, shamelessly.

Anyway, how’s the game? It’s pretty good. It’s mostly Diablo 2, taking just enough good quality-of-life stuff from Diablo 3, and then ripping off a pile of the best bits of Path of Exile, and the result is pretty damned good. Always online sucks shit for the usual reasons, but we’ve already had that argument during Diablo 3.

Bossing is probably the most fun, though I am slowly pushing PVP and “ancestral nightmare dungeon” content as well.

On the whole, I don’t have any major new complaints about it really.

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