Adelaide -> Pinnaroo

Dad and I were both out to Adelaide, SA on Sunday night to take as many as 5 trips out to Pinaroo before Good Friday. Despite Duncan being on school holidays, Sabriena elected to stay home - Duncan was bored simply driving to Maryborough so being in the van for a week straight would probably not be the greatest thing ever for him.

It turned out we had 10 silos to move in total, moving two per day… it simply wouldn’t have been plausible to do any more than that given the restrictions we were operating under. After the second day however, one truck driver had run out of hours and had to have his 48 hour break.

So the decision was made for the two company pilots to head home, and Dad and I would escort the remaining truck on two more trips, then we will come back and do the remaining four loads next week after the Easter curfew is over.

Given I’ve just dropped a heap of money on repairs to the Sprinter, this trip has been a welcome windfall.

Adelaide, SA, Australia fwaggle



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Adelaide, SA, Australia

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