Home network rejiggering (plus another Skyfan)

Baz the electrician came by yesterday to complete the electrical work on the area where the bar used to be, along with some other stuff (like replacing the ceiling fan in the living room). As part of removing the bar, we had to remove the inductive fan controller from the wall, capping off the switch wire for the ceiling fan and taping it up out of the way in the roof cavity. We could have him replace that again, or we could have him just replace the whole fan with another Skyfan, it being the penultimate one in the house (we’d still like to replace Duncan’s fan with one, that’d be the last one).

I got exactly what I wanted out of it, the isolator switch is behind the TV and you use the remote or the Home Assistant app for interacting with it. We also got a slimline double outlet behind the TV which perfectly fits the TV and the power supply for the Google TV, so no more extension cords across the carpet.

On the other side of the wall, where the central network cabinet will be up top and an AV rack down the left side of it - we got a vertical double outlet inside where the AV rack will go, and two quad outlets up top because there was space for them. Do I need 10 outlets on that wall? Probably not, but better to have too many than too few and it didn’t contribute meaningfully to the cost.

I worked out that I have enough stuff laying around to make things work temporarily, so today I moved my office UPS (I will live without one for now) up there, and we have two switches: a US-8-60W for the “core” switch of the house, and an unmanaged TP-Link switch for switching the house drops for now - I’ll replace both of these with a managed switch of some description later.

The US-8-60W has a 2x GigE LAG to the rack switch, a single GigE hop to the house switch, two ports reserved for a 2x GigE LAG to the router, and that leaves me 3 POE ports for the wireless access points, so I can do away with the injectors for them. The goal would be to replace all of this with a single managed POE switch with SFP+ ports and run 10GigE to the rack, but that’s aways off as the cheapest switch I can find that ticks all my boxes is the USW-PRO-24-POE-AU at a princely $1300AUD!

Anyway, for now this will work, I just need to arrange moving the router + VDSL modem over to here, along with getting the rest of the drops done - we’re hoping around the end of March or beginning of April for Baz to come back to do some work in my office, we’ll probably do the exterior AP drop then, along with a bunch of drops to my office.

The side bonus of all of this is we have GigE behind the TV again, so I can get the GoogleTV and the Steam Link off the wifi.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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