Yet Another Playstation 2

On Saturday, we weren’t sure there would be any yard sales, and we thought for sure traffic would be buggered, but we braved the outside world anyway and found two yard sales. As we were leaving the second one, I spotted a Slim PS2 for $5, so I decided to splurge on it as it is the external PSU adapter so the odds of there being something worth Five bucks were pretty good.

I brought it home, and it powers up but won’t read a disc. Eh, the fact that the PSU is good is probably worth double what I paid for it, but I have another slim PS2 that’s NTSC that I didn’t have a power brick for… wonder if it works?

It doesn’t. Boo! Won’t even power on in standby, but that seems like it’s pretty obviously a problem - particularly when coupled with the fact that I noticed the power socket was rather spongey plugging it in.

I cracked the whole thing open, and sure enough there’s a very obvious dry solder joint around the +8.5vdc pin on the connector, so I heated it up, added some solder, and cleaned the lens while I was there.

It boots! It reads a game also! I’m considering selling my other NTSC slim (which has the integrated PSU and so needs a stepdown converter), but I think everyone knows I probably won’t get around to selling any of this shit.

Anyway, welcome Playstation #10! (It might be time to admit I have a problem)

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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