Updating WoW plugin for Mumble

I stayed up until 1:30am last night (this morning?), something I haven’t done in quite a while. I was trying to update the Mumble positional audio plugin for World of Warcraft, and it wasn’t going so well. The problem is that we typically get all our offsets and addresses from a website like OwnedCore, a cheating website. They tend to, in their “infodump” threads, only include the changed addresses - though I can’t complain, as they do work I’m probably not capable of (and certain not willing to do) for free.

After I ended up packing it in and going to bed for about 6 hours, when I woke up in the morning the answer was virtually staring me in the face: one offset I’d neglected to update correctly was literally listed on the page open on my browser when it resumed from a deep sleep. It took me about another hour to get the “identity” feature working, and I’m not convinced now that it’s actually correct (considering WoW has cross-realm play and didn’t the last time the plugin was updated, so we could have two players with the same identity field).

I also can’t seem to get my built plugins to play nice with the release Mumble client so I can’t actually test it, but I’ve filed a pull request anyway as the coordinates look right to me when I use a bunch of debug printf()s.

Update: Commited

  • hopefully it is actually correct or I’ll have egg on my face.
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Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia

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