Duncan’s Double Monitors

Duncan’s birthday was coming up, and it’s been no secret that he’s been jealous of his Mum’s dual-monitors since she got the second one… so after some deliberation about a month ago, we decided to buy him an identical monitor to the one he’s currently got: a Samsung CF390. These are a fairly modest panel: VA, 1080p in 24”, with only a VGA and a single HDMI input, but it does what he wants.

He already has an appropriate desk mount - when we built the desk for him and Sabriena we integrated dual-screen VESA mount arms in place already, one was just tucked around behind his single monitor, so he’s ready to go. So on his birthday, after he left for school, I dug it out of the box, assembled it and made sure everything worked. Sabriena then wrapped it up, which looked absolutely ridiculous and hid nothing, but was still pretty comical anyway.

He’s absolutely rapt and won’t shut the fuck up about it, so I’d say that’s a birthday win!

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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