Nuking Twitter from orbit…

Since a certain billionaire seems bound and determined to fuck up what’s left of Twitter (if he can deadname his kid, I can deadname his stupid fucking site), and since I’m no longer using it at all (I may accidentally follow a link there if it looks interesting, but I don’t interact with the site at all) for some months now, there’s really no need for it any more. The last straw is the threat to use content to train “AI”, so I decided to burn all my content to the ground completely.

As I suspected, there’s some stuff on there I wanted to keep… for instance, as I can’t get to back them up (really fucking clever Twitter, making everything 404 on Archive Bot!), I just copied the text of a bunch of Tweets I made around the time Duncan was born, and retroactively inserted them into a blog entry.

There’s still a bit more content on there I haven’t yet brought myself to delete, but I successfully destroyed (YMMV, I’ve read a lot of reports of deleted content coming back!) quite a lot of it in spurts when I had free time (eg between work and dinner time, when there’s not really enough time to start anything else). Most of what’s left on my timeline is either RT’d snark at what a shit job he’s doing running the website, a few other algorithmically unuseful RTs, and hashes I dropped before disclosing things. Train your AI on that, fucker.

It was a “fun” trip down memory lane too.

Update: 2023-09-17: While I’m at it, I figured I’d remove the link from the bottom of my site, and throw a link to my sysadmin notes while I’m at it. Why the fuck do I have linkedin on there? I’m not really sure, but for now it can stay.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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