Run to the Border

I’m sitting at Border Village, after doing an emergency run from Melbourne. I’m all done, and about to head home but I wouldn’t actually get very far so I’ll leave tomorrow. Because this run was emergency, and Sabriena had no clean clothes, she stayed at home with Duncan and I came by myself.

Dad’s fridge packed up yesterday: Waeco fridges are pieces of shit. They were going to buy another one, but since I’m going home I gave them the one we had. I’ll buy another Engel on the way home and then we’ll swap back later.

Sabriena calls me this afternoon: the ADSL stopped working again. Telstra are useless. I called up the tech support number, and surprise surprise they’re still useless… If I were a betting man I would be willing to wager it’s still not working when I get home.

Border Village SA 5690, Australia



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Border Village SA 5690, Australia

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