Rock Band!

EB Games sent me an email (but shh! Don’t tell them it’s effective) that Rock Band 4 bundles were 50% off, which put them into mostly-affordable range. When we last went into the music store in town, Duncan was eyeing off the electronic drums they have there, and since we’ve been trying to get him into some sort of musical instrument purely for the academic boost that some studies have shown, so far he hasn’t been interested in anything.

Sabriena wanted to buy him just a regular drumkit, and that’s when I had the idea of using Rockband - because you can use the drum controller from it as an electronic drum set (albeit a rather ghetto, low quality one). I wasn’t really going to buy it, because I hit the motorcycle parts a bit hard last month and I’d like to let the budget catch up a bit, but it was fun to whine about it to Sabriena.

Unfortunately this backfired, as her sister got a PS4 and the two of them started talking about how much fun it would be, so after picking Duncan up from school today we went and got it.

Holy fuck this game feels half-done. There’s no practice mode, no online mode yet (both of which are supposed to be coming later) and it looks like our guitar controller might be defective.

Update: Checking the various forums associated with Rock Band, it looks like the guitar buttons sticking down seems to be a pretty common problem. Ours was having the red button sticking down, which is the cancel button, and it was so bad at one point that we couldn’t even connect the controller because it was dismissing the “who is playing” screen immediately.

We went to enquire about taking back just the guitar (because we were lucky enough to get drums that weren’t defective, GG Mad Catz!) but the guy working on Sunday wasn’t able to make the call about swapping it out, so back in on Monday when the manager was supposed to be there - unfortunately he was out sick!

In this morning and finally caught the manager and they fixed us up with no issues whatsoever, proving once again that EB Games’ service makes up for the cost premium over buying things online. Finally it looks like everything is working correctly, so now we just have to wait for the patch that introduces online multiplayer.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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