Passport renewal

Yesterday I dropped into the post office, printed-out form in hand, to find out about renewing my passport. It doesn’t expire until November, but I’ll need it before then and better safe than sorry. It turns out that I needed an appointment, though they could have squeezed me in if not for the fact that I’d printed the form incorrectly.

Their form needs to be printed so that boxes for the signature and date are visible, because I have to sign inside said boxes and if I don’t then the passport office (I don’t think that’s the proper name for it, whoever is responsible for such things) would reject it. Try as I might to get our laser printer to print at sufficient darkness for it to be visible, I couldn’t get it to work. In the end, we put the form on a USB stick, went to the library, and paid $2AUD to have it printed in colour.

Then today I had an appointment for 4pm to do the renewal, where they accepted the form (they better have, too!) and despite the fact I was $279AUD poorer, it all went rather smooth. I should have a new passport in a few weeks.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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