My cousin showed me this game nearly a year ago, playing it on his PlayStation. I’m trying to avoid buying any more games on the PS4 though, due to issues with my account being a US account… I bought “The Division 2” on PS4 instead of PC so we could play it with others, and for $4 more I upgraded to the special edition, forgetting that other than the keychain I can’t use any of it! I’ve called Sony a couple of times and been told that there’s no fixing this: I will simply have to create a new PSN account, and so the alternative solution is easier… no more purchases on there.

When Snowrunner released on PC, it was an Epic games store exclusive… and I’m still not convinced I want to give them any money, so I snoozed on it… until a few weeks ago when it finally released on Steam, and was on sale to boot, so I took a look at it and mentioned it to my cousin. He said to let me know if I get it, and he’ll buy it again, and by the time I’d gotten done saying I bought it he was already installing it.

We’ve been having a fair bit of fun with it in co-op mode, though sometimes the bugs screw us up. We got most of the way through Michigan before restarting to switch to “hard mode” where you have to pay for fuel, recoveries, and so on… and we’ve been having a pretty good time of it. Playing on hard mode adds real consequences, so we think more carefully about where we’re going and what we’re taking with us and it’s introduced a whole new factor to the game.

It’s definitely easier cooperative than it would be solo, but the start of the game is rough. On hard-mode it’s really easy to get into a situation where you get all your trucks stuck and have no money to recover them, once you get a few tens of thousands under your belt though that pressure goes away, and playing co-op makes it easier to get there.

Apart from a few graphical glitches this game is beautiful. And on the subject of glitches, it complains of “NAT type strict” (horse-shit, I forwarded the ports manually) if you leave a coop game then try to rejoin, so you have to restart the game, and we had a couple of issues getting it to connect at all on one occasion, but for the most part it’s been pretty pain-free.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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